Economic analysis

We undertake research and analysis of economic data and information to inform the development of economic / business strategies and action plans. We undertake primary survey research, and secondary research, and provide sound analysis and practical interpretation of the results. We consult with clients, and advise clients on their intelligence requirements, and the most efficient mechanisms of obtaining the intelligence.

Local area intelligence

Our knowledge of existing local area economic and business data and intelligence is second to none. This includes official and unofficial data and information sources and the establishment of data and intelligence through primary survey research where there are gaps in the existing evidence base.

Viability and feasibility

Smart Growth specialises in the undertaking of feasibility studies into the establishment of enterprise centres and other business support facilities. This includes market demand studies and assessment, through to options appraisal and business plan development.

Impact assessment

Smart Growth specialises in the development of small economic impact assessments for proposed investments and disinvestments. The results of our assessments are often used to form part of the evidence based for planning and/or funding proposals.

The following examples illustrate the nature and extent of our economic impact expertise (and its application to the real business world):

  • One of the largest industrial estates in Europe

  • a major Science Park development

  • A Higher Education Institution

  • A Market Town Hotel

  • The impact of the grounding of MSC Napoli at Branscombe on Devon tourism

Programme evaluation

Business Support Evaluations conducted by Smart Growth Analytics include:

  • Evaluation of Outset Bristol Business Support Programme, 2013

  • Economic Impact Evaluation of the South West Composites Support Programme, 2013

  • Economic Impact Evaluation of the South West Business Internationalisation Project, 2012

  • B&NES and Wiltshire Adapt 2 Survive Programme Evaluation, 2010

  • Evaluation of the Sustainable Procurement Berkshire Programme, 2010

  • West of England Business Mentoring Programme Evaluation, 2010

  • Bristol Means Business Evaluation, 2006

Sector-based intelligence

Smart Growth has completed sector assessment and business support research, including action planning, in the following industrial sectors:

  • Creative Industries

  • Biotechnology

  • Composites

  • Professional business services

  • Food & Drink

  • Information & Communication

  • Financial services

  • Automotive

  • Home enterprise

  • Agriculture

  • Advertising

  • Legal & Accountancy

  • Design


A list of our recent projects is available on our Sectors page.