Local Area Skills Clusters

Local Area Skills Clusters are one of the main elements of our approach to driving forward local growth in the local growth plan.

Skills Clusters are those local economic sectors which contain clusters of the three essential and mutually reinforcing elements required for higher growth and/or higher value added growth:

  • Local business / workplace skills clusters

  • Local resident skills clusters

  • Higher education and vocational education skills development clusters (combined ideally with a supportive business support infrastructure)

Local Area Skills Cluster analytics and action planning are Smart Growth's most important research service specialism. This is because Local Area Skills Clusters are the local sectors / clusters which have the potential for higher employment growth, and/or higher value added growth. They are the business sectors which, through support, can drive forward local economic growth and wealth and help local areas to achieve ambitious targets for employment, output and wealth.


Our research services here include the identification of Local Area Skills Clusters, and the development of Skills Cluster Support Strategies and Action Plans. These strategies and action plans are an essential element of our support for LEP local growth plans.

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