Home Office Professionals:

the ‘invisible’ co-working business resource

In England, 1.3 million professionals working from home contribute some 6% of the national economy, equivalent to around £100 billion per annum GVA. In many local areas the contribution is significantly higher, yet Home Office Professionals are not readily identifiable as a ‘sector’ for economic development planning purposes.

This free business White Paper from Smart Growth Analytics will provide economists and planners in Local Enterprise Partnerships and Authorities, and those responsible for commercial housing development and associated infrastructure with an overview of the economic significance of Home Office Professionals (HOPs).

You will learn:                                                                             - What are characteristics of the HOPs                                        - Why is home professional working increasing                           - Why are concentrations of HOPs so high in certain areas         - How do HOPs contribute to sustainable economic growth         - Where are the HOP hotspots                                                      - What is the future of professional home working

Key takeaways:                                                                           - The LEP and Local Authority areas where the top HOP hotspots are located, in England, by:                                                 Volume of HOPs                                                                           HOPs as a % of employment                                                       Volume of HOPs per hectare                                                   - HOPs in urban and rural areas                                                   - Projected growth of the UK private professional sector