Business internationalisation / export intelligence and action planning

Support for the increased 'internationalisation' of the local business community is one of the main ways of supporting local economic growth and job creation.

This is because access to global markets raises demand for goods and services far beyond the levels that can be achieved locally and/or nationally. In turn, this rise in demand requires the local business to raise its output, which it can only do through a combination of more workers to produce that output, and/or a rise in output per worker, achieved through productivity improvements - itself achieved with better equipment and/or better skills and/or more production time. In short, internationalisation is a key driver of local economic growth.

As well as support for higher levels of export amongst manufacturers, Smart Growth Analytics has undertaken research which demonstrates the immense latent potential which exists in business services, and particularly in professional business services. However, these firms often face considerable barriers to external trade, and business support is often required in order to overcome these barriers.

Smart Growth Analytics provides the evidence and intelligence which enables local areas to develop successful business internationalisation support programmes and successful bids for funding to support business internationalisation programmes.

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